100K Creative

A step by step program, for makers, artists, and badass creative babes, to build the business of your dreams. If you're ready to spend your days creating, working for yourself, and making money, this is for you! 

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What You Can Expect From The Program

Action Plan

The fastest way to reach a goal is through systematic, actionable plans. You'll get a customized, crystal clear plan that can easily take your business from idea to six-figure cash flow. 

Money Back Guarantee

When you win, I win. If you've fully completed the work and haven't seen a positive change in your business, I'll refund you 100%, no questions asked! 

Life of Your Dreams

As creatives, our work is closely tied to our soul - we'll be developing a company that not only sustains you financially, but creates a day to day flow that consistently inspires. 

How I Did It 

Nothing is worse than learning from a business coach that hasn't walked the walk. If you're ready to launch your creative business, but not sure where to start, I've been exactly where you are. I'll teach you exactly how I took my handmade ceramics business from $0 to $100k+ in sales, paid off tons of debt, and quit my part-time job, all in the first year!

A Few of The Things You Will Learn

Setting You Up For Success: Structuring your business, getting clear on your mission + "why", and what your ideal work day looks like. 

Your Vision: Getting clear on the mission of your business, how to create community connections, develop collaborations, stay on-brand and make sales!  

What You're Making: Targeting your muse, choosing which products to sell, how to price them and how to create a healthy profit margin.

Plan the work, work the plan. 

There isn't magic or hope behind a successful creative business, rather, there is a woman who took the time to build a strategic plan, and then, she executed. 

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